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10 Best Attractions In Singapore - Singapore Must-See Attractions

Choosing the 10 best attractions in Singapore was no easy task; this is a city bursting to the seams with impressive things to see and do. Almost everyone will have seen an image of the city’s symbol, the Merlion, and this makes our list alongside...

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Our History

Modern Singapore was founded in the 19th century, thanks to politics, trade and a man known as Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. During this time, the British empire was eyeing a port of call in this region to base its merchant fleet, and to forestall ...

Top 10 Good-Value Hotels In Singapore

It's official: Singapore is the world's most expensive city. The Economist Intelligence Unit's Worldwide Cost of Living study ranks the city at number one, up from number five in the 2013 study. Singapore is also one of the world's busiest travel ...


You can find different varieties of flowers in Gardens by the Bay !!

Singapore !!

An aerial view of singapore city from the top of Marina Bay Sands. !!

Night Safari !!

A pleasant pathway from River safari to Night Safari !!


you can find lots and lots of flamingos in Jurong Bird Park. !!

Sea Aquarium !!

Sea aquarium is a must visit place in Singapore, which is located in Sentosa Island. !!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel !

One of the tallest and costliest hotel with 55 floors. It also includes a infinity pool in the top floor !!

Sentosa Island !

Its an man made island !! you would be stunned to see it. This island includes Universal studios and Sea aquarium and malls !!

Can You Guess This Building !!

yes, its hard to guess though. POLICE STATION Singapore is 2nd top in safest country world wide, just below Tokyo. They give the very hard punishment for suicide attempt.

Fish !!

you could find all find of fishes that you seen in Finding Nemo movie !!

Essential Singapore Tourist Information

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." This session highlights to you the essential tourist information that you need to know before you fly to Singapore. Example include Singapore tourist information like Si...

11 Things You'd Never Guess About Singapore

Singapore is hot, with an average daily high in the upper 80s and killer humidity. All. Year. Round. People living here like to boast or complain, depending on whom you consult, “There are two seasons in Singapore. Hot and Hotter.” Just thinking a...

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School project for AMAP

Changi Airport

one of the classic airport. you could find arrival in Tamil words since Tamil is one of the four recognized languages in singapore.

Universal Studios !!

Universal Studios is one of the costliest place in Singapore but worth it.!!

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Trip To Singapore

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Things to know about Singapore as a tourist. !!