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TRIO World Academy is a global platform for learning global values imparted through excellent education of highest standard. Based in Bangalore, the school educates students from nursery to higher secondary as per IGCSE, AS, A-Level and ICSE Curri...

Community Service At Trio

Community service programmes at TRIO teach our children to think beyond their own lives and also help them develop a well-rounded personality. We help them to assimilate human-centric skills, knowledge and attitudes in the classroom, through which...

Extracurricular Activity

Extracurricular activities at TRIO are an integral component of a well-rounded and balanced education. Extracurricular activities positively impact other areas of a student’s school life. They enhance imagination, productivity, stress relief, team...

Art And Design

TRIO is committed towards complete learning through utilization of all capabilities that are intrinsic in every human being. Generally, the education imparted to the young minds makes use of the capability to imbibe knowledge and skills by using m...

Physical Education

Health is a precious asset that continuously needs to be invested in! Physical well being of children can have far-reaching consequences not just on physical and emotional health, but also on their ability to be champions in the various facets of ...

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Address: No.3/5, Kodigehalli Main Road, Sahakarnagar,Bangalore Website: www.trioworldacademy.com Contact No: +9180 40611222 email: pro@trioworldschool.com

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Learning - Other | 4-18 yrs

Trio World Academy

Trio World Academy, Trio World AcademyTrio World Academy
Our aim is to create global citizens and instill the values of Leadership, Discipline, Academic Excellence and Service in them.