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Tribute To Mothers-in-law


It is said that you are once blessed with a wonderful mother and twice blessed to have a mother-in-law.

Do you know that the last Sunday of October is dedicated as the Mother-in-law day? Mothers-in-law are an important part of your family even if you are not directly related. 

The relationship between a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law is a complicated one and not without its ups and downs. The relation is often seen in a negative light and the cliché that you can never get along with your husband’s mother seems to have become ingrained in popular culture. But that is not always true. A mother-in-law can be a friend, a mentor, a caregiver and so much more. Many women build everlasting bonds with their second mother and the same kindred spirit is reciprocated by the mother-in-law as well. They are bound by their joys and sorrows and look after the family and share responsibilities.

Curious to know how to improve your relation with mother-in-law, go through the clips we compiled in the ClipBook below. We have curated some common and some not-so-common tips for a better mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship.

Looking for ideas to gift your mother-in-law? We have your covered. We have compiled some interesting gift ideas which are ideal for your mother-in-law. Check these out before you head to shop for her.

Tongue-tied how to wish your mother-in-law? Read the quotes for mother-in-law day for some inspirations. Trust the clips in the ClipBook help you in cementing your bond with your mother-in-law. 


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