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Treating Prickly Heat Rashes In Children


Heat rashes develop when some of the sweat ducts clog. If your baby suddenly develops a bright red pimply rash on his neck, under his arms or near the edges of his nappy or underwear, you should not panic. Prickly heat rashes are common in most babies.

But, what causes prickly heat rashes in children?

WebMD says, ‘in babies, heat rashes can sometimes be caused by parents who dress the baby too warmly. A baby’s hand and feet may feel cold when you touch it but this should not be misinterpreted as a sign that the baby is cold’.

When your child has a rash, the signs of infection include, itchy red streaks extending from the affected area, drainage of pus from the area and fever or chills with no other known cause.

According to an article titled Don’t Be So Prickly! 6 Ways to Treat Heat Rash by Denise Foley published in SafeBee in 2015, some ways to treat heat rashes in children include:

  • Wear light clothes that fit loosely. Thin cotton is a good choice.
  • Avoid thick or oily creams and ointments.
  • Apply calamine lotion on the rash which will relieve the itching to some extent.
  • Keep an eye out for infection and visit the doctor if the rash is pus-filled.

Summer does not need to be a bumpy ride. With adequate care, heat rashes can be properly treated. Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to know more.


Prickly Heat And Children

If your baby suddenly develops a bright red pimply rash on his neck, under his arms, or near the edges of his nappy or underwear, don't panic. It's probably just a prickly heat rash.

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The four types of heat rash are named by the way they look on the skin. They are Clear (miliaria crystalline), Red (miliaria rubra), White/Yellow (miliaria pustulosa) and Deep (miliaria profunda).

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