Treating Parenting Like Shift Work

Why We’Re Treating Parenting Like Shift Work

It’s 8 a.m., and I’m due across town. The school bell will ring in ten, but all three kids are shoeless, and yogurt streaks glisten on my toddler’s face. My firefighter husband was supposed to be home 30 minutes ago so I could get to this meeting,...

Split-Shift Parenting

I realized the difficult dance my husband, Patrick, and I were trying to master with our split-shift parenting when our then 2-year-old daughter, Riley, started crying out in the night for “Mommydaddy!” She never knew who would be there to comfort...

How Are Children Affected With A Night Shift Working Parent? | Livestrong.Com

The overnight shift can be a physically and emotionally demanding time of night for individuals to work, yet it has become more common in recent years. Some parents may resign themselves to working this shift, sometimes called the third shift, as ...

Split-Shift Parenting : One Works Days, One Nights. It's A Sleepless Solution To Child Care.

"Momma! . . . MOMMA!" It's 6 a.m., and a keyed-up Susan Cennamo hasn't slept since getting off work three hours earlier. Forcing a smile, she lifts baby Miranda from her crib, grabs a diaper and confronts the morning. Another day after the night s...

Juggling Shiftwork And Parenting

Our bodies naturally want to sleep at night and wake during the day. Shiftworkers (who often have to sleep during the day) regularly suffer sleep deprivation, as it's more difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep during the day. This can become e...

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Treating Parenting Like Shift Work

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Why We’re Treating Parenting Like Shift Work