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Trash The 'junk'

Smitha Suresh

Your stomach is not a trash can.

Advertisements and peer pressure tempt the whole family to binge on an unhealthy diet, at least occasionally. There are scientific explanations to why we are addicted to junk food and why they are not good for us. Fast foods and processed foods are becoming staples in many households. You need to understand the impact of these on the nutrition of growing children. It’s important to rule out from your diet foods that contribute zero nutrition.

Recent controversies and information that bombard the Internet regarding processed and instant foods should make you afraid. Instead of stressing, use this as a launchpad for healthy food choices.

The food that you eat during your pregnancy conditions your child’s eating habits from the womb. The choice of good or bad food is made in the foetus. Your children need to be aware of the dangers of junk food consumption. “Teach them the different components of a balanced meal and leave it to them to decide which items they want. The catch? Give them only healthy options! It may not work to give them a choice on a daily basis — get them involved in planning a weekly menu so that you can shop accordingly,” says Smitha Suresh, parentcircle.com

This ClipBook is not just for your child. It is for your whole family. The family as a whole needs to make a decision to discipline itself to create wellness habits, starting with food.

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