Transparent Wood

Researchers Develop Jaw-Dropping Wood That Looks Just Like Glass

We all know what objects made out of wood look like, right? Well, that may be changing. SEE ALSO: White House put on lockdown after shots fired nearby, Obama off site A study published this month describes the way in which a team from the Universi...

Wood That Could Be Mistaken For Glass

This block may look like plastic, but it’s actually wood. Using a two-step process, researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park, stripped away the plank’s tan and brown color and made it clear. The see-through wood, which the scientist...

This Swedish Scientist's Transparent Wood Could Transform Architecture

You don't have to shop at Ikea to see that Sweden is obsessed with wood. Over 57% of the country is covered in upwards of 51 billion trees, and lumber and paper products are one of the country's biggest exports. So leave it to Swedish researchers ...

Transparent Wood That’S Stronger Than Glass

Researchers at the University of Maryland were able pull away colour and chemicals from a block of wood to leave it impressively see-through. The result is a material that is both stronger and more insulating than glass, with better biodegradabili...

Transparent Wood Capabilities Boosted With Epoxy - E & T Magazine

All that is required is a coating of epoxy, which makes the transparent wood not only stronger but also a better insulator, while allowing it to maintain its biodegradability. Like the Swedish team, researchers from the University of Maryland, USA...

Scientists Have Developed 'Transparent Wood' That Can Build Windows, Solar Cells

Move over, glass. by FIONA MACDONALD 31 MAR 2016 Science articles that matter ...

Researchers Develop See-Through Wood That Looks Just Like Glass

A study published this month describes the way in which a team from the University of Maryland, College Park, has been able to make a piece of wood almost co...

Transparent Wood Is Real

Scientists have found a way to combine wood and plexiglass. This could help improve solar cell efficancy and greenhouse constructions too.

Transparent Wood Is A Surprisingly Versatile Material

Wood makes for better walls than windows — most of the time. Researchers from the University of Maryland devised a way to strip the colors and and chemicals from a block of wood to leave behind a clear, transparent material that’s stronger and mor...

Transparent Wood Could Replace Glass, Become Coolest Building Material Ever

Wood is a great material because it’s cheap, renewable, and versatile. But this crazy wood that scientists in Sweden brewed up is nuts. It could replace glass for some seriously eye-catching architecture, and even be used in cheap solar panels or ...

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Transparent Wood

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