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Traditional Diwali Snacks From Different States Of India


Have you been brainstorming on what to make new this Diwali? Are your kids bored of the same sweet recipes that you make every year? May be we can help you with that.

Diwali is not only the festival of lights but also the festival of sweets. This nation has its own way of celebrating the festival with authentic homemade delicacies. Every state has a unique recipe and style of preparation. If we could make a list of all these state delicacies, we might never stop. 

Be it the Sunnundalu from Andhra Pradesh, Kesho Mitha from Assam or the Mawa Kachori from Rajasthan, these unique festival preparations will add a tasty zing to your celebrations. Here, we have curated a list of recipes from your neighboring states for inspiration. 

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Kesa Mitho - Assam

What a fun way to make an easy snack with no cooking at all! Rice flour laddu from Assam is a flavour filled recipe with many health benefits. It absolutely needs no cooking so you can involved your kids to do this during Diwali.

Thenkuzhal -Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu makes this savoury during the Diwali season. It was typically started in and is still made in the villages of Tamilnadu. It is fun to make this recipe with kids. They help in using the moulds to make the noodle like thenkuzal.

Babru - Himachal Pradesh

Babru is a relish from Himachal Pradesh. It has travelled all over the country for its inevitable taste and flavour. The black dal stuffed puri is rolled and the fried. It is an easy snack that all the localites make during Diwali.

Mathiya - Gujarat

Gujarat loves to make mathiya during Diwali or Holi season. This savoury is made out of math dal flour and looks like puri. It is a savoury you can't resist.

Mawa Kachori - Rajasthan

A relish of a crispy layer filled with the sweetened khoya topped with nuts is the ideal festive snack of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the land of sweets and savouries. Mawa kachori is one of the few sweet katchories that are not only loved by children...

Anarsa - Maharashtra

Maharastra celebrates Diwali with an authentic sweet recipe, Anarsa. It is made of soaked powdered rice, jaggery/sugar, poppy seed and ghee. It has now been made easier with readily available anarsa mix in the department store.

Sunnundalu - Andhra Pradesh

Sunnundalu is an Andhra festive snack made of urad dal. The combination of urad dal, ghee and sugar are such a merry to indulge in. Some people replace sugar with jaggery to make it a little healthy.

Singhal - Uttarakhand

Try this deep-fried recipe made out of semolina, banana and yoghurt, a delicacy from Uttarakhand. It is snack made during Diwali and served mostly with ginger tea and qawha.

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