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Toys That Can Improve Your Baby's Motor Skills

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Toys are an integral part of every baby’s growing up process. They can simply be defined as instruments of play that assist babies to play, learn, grow up with and have fun.

But, do you know that toys can do much more than just entertain babies? Toys aid in the physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of the baby. They also play a vital role in improving your baby’s motor skills – an action that requires your baby to use her muscles.

According to an article titled ’10 Toys And Household Items To Help Develop Fine Motor Skills” by Ahren Hoffman, published in in 2012, fine motor skills provide babies ample opportunity to explore the world and develop the independence needed to perform simple, everyday activities and what better way to do this than through the world of toys.

R. Keith Sawyer, Ph.D., associate professor of education in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis states that toys play an important role in a child’s education and development. According to, toys like Bababall and ziggles improve your baby’s motor skills . These toys, with their various textures and vibrant colours, will ensure your baby practises his reaching and grabbing skills.

Glittertoos is another great toy for babies. This toy that involves the combination of self-adhesive stencils and glitter helps children create sparkly stick-on tattoos. This exercise will strengthen the little muscles in the hand and refine hand-eye coordination in your children.

Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to know more about other toys that improve your baby’s motor skills.


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