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Toys For Your Toddler's Development


Playing is often the medium through how your little one learns, and toys are often the tools for her learning. Ever thought that those building blocks and jigsaw puzzles, which are forever messing your floor, could actually be a catalyst for your child’s cognitive development? 

Yes, that’s true! Toys are not just your child’s playmate, best friend or some source of entertainment. The correct choice of toys can actually contribute to your child’s brain growth and development.

Here’s how you can use the toys to further amp up your child’s development: Toys can act as catalysts for intellectual development. Choose the right ones and you create a play environment that’s fun and conducive to learning. An article in Baby Gizmo recommends puzzles for this. “Kids need to be challenged intellectually and a mind-boggling puzzle may be just the thing. We recommend starting out with puzzles that are just four to six pieces, simple shapes like circles or squares are also good. Puzzles with picture guides are equally suitable for the young toddler.”

In addition to jigsaw puzzles, building blocks and legos too can greatly instigate intellectual development. Your child will learn about sizes and shapes, colours and numbers, playing all the while. In fact, even bath toys are a good idea. They stimulate their growing brains and are super entertaining too.

What more are you waiting for? Hit the nearest toy store and flood your child’s room with toys. Before you do that, read this ClipBook first so you can make a wise choice with the toys you buy for your kids.


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