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Toys And Other Disasters

Divya Kumar

A toy and a child are inseparable in nature. Toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. Jordyn Fisher mentions in one of his articles that some toys like building blocks or Lego help children develop math, science and problem solving skills, and also fine motor and gross motor skills. Additionally, a child’s self-esteem and confidence get a major boost as she completes goals and tasks with her toys.

A child’s desire for toys is never-ending. Every time you take your child to a toy store, it becomes almost impossible to limit her demands or make her leave the store. However, buying toys for your child can present you with unique problems. As the number of toys increase and you start finding them scattered all around the house, you know you will now have to think of finding ways of organising them. Cleaning and sanitising them periodically is also necessary, which is going to add to your already overburdened schedule. But no matter how difficult it might get, you should not stop your child from exploring the world around and learning new skills through her toys. You should understand that even when your little girl is pretend playing with her doll, she is enhancing her communication skills and being empathetic.

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