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Top Mental Skills That Children Need For Sports Performance

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Do you know mental skills are a part and parcel of sports? Teaching strategies and skills boost confidence and strengthen mental toughness.

As parents and coaches, we should boost the confidence of children and improve their focus so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

Once mental skills are instilled in children, it will have a positive impact on children’s sports and later in their life.

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Helping Sports Kids With Mental Preparation

Doctor Patrick Cohn answers all youth sports psychology and mental training questions that deal with sports parents and the mental game challenges that their sports children face.

The “Must Haves” For Children In Sports

As parents and coaches there are some simple, but critical things you can do for your children in sports that will make a huge difference in their happiness and success in playing their sport.

Mental Skills To Develop In Young Athletes

Skills are not born with athletes but must be developed over time by viewing competitive situations in a productive way. Here are four mental skills that coaches need to help their young athletes develop.

Know When And How To Teach Mental Skills

If you really want to take it to the next level of teaching mental skills to your children, find stories about celebrities that the children have heard of and how they overcame their adversities.

Psychological And Social Benefits Of Sport For Kids

Studies suggest that sport can also have a huge impact on a child’s psychological and social well-being. And teach them some extremely valuable life skills too. Read this article on sport’s top 10 psychological and social benefits for kids.

Ways To Help Children Build Mental Strength Through Sports

Doctor Mara Smith, a sports psychologist who consults with various national governing bodies including USA Hockey, offers three ways parents can help their kids understand and build their mental strength through sports.

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