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Top Kids' Room Decor Ideas For 2018

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What is it going to be -- mint green or a sunny yellow? Should we go with minimalist decor or a wildlife-inspired theme? These are some of the questions on the minds of parents, when they decide to upgrade the decor of their child's room. 

If you want to be on trend and surprise your child with a beautifully-themed bedroom and play space that she would be proud to call her own, look no further. This useful ClipBook will give you the latest decor ideas for kids' rooms. Read on...       


18 Creative Kids' Rooms

The bedrooms of these uber-stylish children are lessons in good taste. Colourful, creative and undeniably cool, these 18 rooms will give you interesting ideas to refurbish your child's bedroom.

2018 Decor Trends Inspiring Kids Rooms

The verdict is out… the hottest 2018 decor trends for your home. I’m not always in agreement with the latest fashions, but I like where this year is taking us. I would love to see some of these trends make an impact on some awesome home projects a...

Top Children's Room Decor Ideas For 2018 - Parentcircle

When Sushma and her husband decided to get an elegant bedroom designed for their six-year-old daughter, Kavya, they were in a dilemma over where they could get information on children’s décor and what theme to choose for the little girl’s room. Th...

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Top Bedroom Trends For Kids

What's hot for kids' rooms right now? Check out these top bedroom trends for kids to get the latest design ideas and inspiration.

201 Fun Kids Bedroom Design Ideas For 2018

201 fun kids bedroom ideas for 2018 (in pictures). Huge range of different ideas for your children's bedroom, many which aren't difficult or expensive.

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