Top Indian Superstitions

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India is a land of religions. Just like India’s languages, the religion changes after a few kilometres. As we know that “With Great Power comes Great Responsibilities”, in the same manner, With large number of religions come large number and kind ...

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The following are the common superstitions of India.

Top 5 Indian Superstitions.

These are the top 5 Indian superstitions, sit back and watch this small video for fun and entertainment. comment freely and I will reply you, if u like the v...

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Although superstitions are passed down from generation to generation, I started a new one. I told my family that bay leaves are lucky. As soon as I said that, my sons stopped complaining about finding one in their soup. Knocking on wood is meant t...

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Top Indian Superstitions

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Top 15 Famous Indian Superstitions List