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Top 8 Things To Do This Year For A Healthier You

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At the beginning of every year, a number of resolutions are made. Most of them come under the health category that lists several things connected to one’s health, diet, exercise, etc.

Rather than going to a gym or following a strict diet, it is advisable to follow several things that will ensure a healthier and, if one may say, a cleaner version of yourself. To begin, diet is one important factor that has a bearing on one’s overall development both physical and mental.

Start by incorporating healthy foods into your every day meals and cut down on sugar, processed and junk foods and, instead, try to have foods that benefit your health. Go the traditional way. Instead of serving your children readymade and processed foods that may taste delicious but are extremely unhealthy, try serving them traditional foods like avalakki upma and moong dal chilla.

Also, you need not always resort to medicines to combat illnesses. Certain home remedies work well such as eucalyptus oil to keep cold and cough away. And, don’t forget to try out organic foods. Works wonders for your body and health.

Go through this ClipBook to look at a list of tips that will help you work your way to a healthier version of you.


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