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Top 10 Science Experiments For Your Child

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With Feb 28 being celebrated as National Science Day,  in honour of the great Indian physicist, Sir CV Raman, you can celebrate this day with these 10 fun and easy science experiments that you can do at home with your child. Watch this ClipBook with him and show him how cool Science can be!

A Candle That Drinks Water

Drinking Candle is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home.The experiment shows how a burning candle drinks up all the water kept beneath it, but how does this happen? The drinking candle experiment visually shows us that atmospheric pre...

An Egg That Looks Like Metal

Making a metallic egg is a fun science experiment for children to do at home through which children can learn about concepts of light, chemistry and properties of matter. The experiment can be done using simple household materials. The silver egg ...

A Lava Lamp In A Glass

All you need for this experiment is vegetable oil, food colour, water, a plastic bottle or a glass and some fizzy tablets. Follow the instructions in the video to make your very own lava lamp at home. This experiment is about the density of differ...

A Soap Bubble That Bounces

A bouncing bubble is an amazing experiment because most people have never seen a bubble bounce, much less be the person who actually does the bouncing! Experience shows that bubbles usually burst when they come in contact with just about anything....

Milk That Changes Colour

In this experiment, you'll learn how to take milk, dish soap, and food colouring, and use these to display an amazing colour changing rainbow effect in milk. What happens is that the milk fat interacts with the soap and causes the milk to change ...

Slime That Is Magnetic

Creating your very own slime monster at home can be a very interesting experience and this experiment teaches you to do exactly that in a simple way. What makes the slime magnetic are the iron filings. The solution of glue with borax and water mak...

Flowers That Change Colour

Ever wanted a rose that is green in colour? You can have a green rose by doing this simple experiment at home. Why does the flower change colour? When we dip the flowers in the coloured water, the flowers drink up the water from the bottom through...

Different Densities In One Glass

This simple science experiment is something you can try at home to see how liquids and objects with different densities behave. Using three fluids (syrup, water and oil) we can see they clearly have different densities, and form clear layers. By d...

Dry Ice That Turns Into Bubbles

Make your own Soap Bubble Tower with dry ice with different colours. This is a cool science experiment for children to do at home. You need water colour, warm water , dry ice and some cylinders. Crush the bubbles and have fun with them.

Balloons That Inflate With The Help Of Bottles

This is a great experiment to show children how acetic acid (vinegar) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) react to form sodium acetate and carbon dioxide gas. The rapid release of the carbon dioxide gas in the reaction pressurizes the plastic b...

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