Top 10 Must Try Asian Delicacies

Top 10 Must Try Dishes In China

Before moving to Shanghai, my idea of the perfect Chinese meal was sweet and sour pork, fried rice and an eggroll. This would be capped off with a wonton cookie stuffed with a sometimes profound, often baffling fortune. Imagine my surprise when I ...

Must Try 10 Vegetarian Food Of India

The garden of leaves and vegetables will be no less than that of Eden, once you try some of these recipes. Revolutionize your health with the power of vegetables. Green foods are packed with nutrients that ignite our metabolism giving an edge to t...

Favorite Non Vegetarian Dishes Of India

Non Vegetarian Dishes of India includes flavour Mughals,Nawabi cuisines and Arabian food. The most famous Non Vegetarian Dishes and the places around the country are listed as below

25 Yummy Pakistani Dishes To Cook!

Biryani can be made with either chicken or lamb and is traditionally served with a special yoghurt called raita. Find the recipe here. If you’re new to Pakistani cooking, daal is a good place to start. Moong daal, which is made with lentils, can...

Must Try Japanese Food

It is official, Japan is one of the best culinary countries in the world! In December 2013 Washoku, the traditional cuisine of Japan, was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage asset by UNESCO. Tokyo is thereby the unofficial culinary capit...

Filipino Food In Manila: 29 Filipino Dishes You Need To Try!

One of the first things I repeatedly heard from tourists in Manila is how much they dislike the food in The Philippines. After spending some time in the country I couldn’t have disagreed more. The food here is awesome! If you’re ever in Manila and...

Top 10 Indonesian Food That You Just Have To Try!

I am pretty sure that you’ve heard of Indonesia or maybe some of you think that Bali is somewhere near Indonesia and thought that it is a country of its own. Maybe it was all because the diversity of Indonesian culture that made us (or some of us)...

Russian Dishes Decoded

Think Russian food is all bland meat and boiled potatoes? Think again. Luckily, dining in the Motherland is not as grim as you may have been led to believe. Vegetarian options are aplenty. Ethnic restaurants abound. And while the Russian love for ...

10 Must Try Lebanese Food Items

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40 Korean Foods We Can't Live Without

Hangover? Forget hair of the dog, sip blood of the ox. Given Korea’s dedicated drinking culture, it’s not surprising that Korea’s hangover-curing culture is equally as developed, from pre-drinking drinks to post-drinking drinks to a glorious array...

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Top 10 Must Try Asian Delicacies

Here is the list of top 10 list of interesting and yummy food of each country that you must try! Flip over to find your favourite flavour!