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Top 10 Movies To Watch With Your Dad This Father's Day

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Father's Day is a good time for some bonding with dear dad and what's better than to relax on the couch at home and binge watch some movies that strike a chord with both of you. 

We have got you covered -- our list of everything from hilarious comedies to sentimental tearjerkers will allow fathers to spend some quality time with their sons and daughters. Enjoy this ClipBook.    


The Pursuit Of Happyness

Will Smith stars in this moving tale inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner, a San Francisco salesman struggling to build a future for himself and his five-year-old son Christopher (Jaden Smith).

The Lion King

One of the greatest Disney animated films ever, The Lion King is a movie of leadership, coming-of-age, parent-child relationship, and many other things. The movie is a must-watch for every father-son duo.

Taare Zameen Par

This debut directorial venture of actor Aamir Khan is a poignant tale revolving around a eight-year-old dyslexic boy played by Darsheel Safary. There are strong parenting lessons to be learnt here

Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful takes the premise that love and hope can survive the most trying of conditions, in this case a Nazi concentration camp. Benigni's portrayal of the father who wants to protect his son and the beautiful relationship that the father...

Kramer Vs. Kramer

In 1979, America was just beginning to see the effects of the women's movement on the American family. How divorce affects a family and how a father does all he can to bring up his son, forms the crux of the film.


This film by Christopher Nolan is about a former pilot who is selected to be part of a team that is looking for another planet, which can be inhabited. When he realises the Earth is dying, he will do anything to save his family.

Piku Review: The Eccentric Family Of Amitabh And Deepika Is Endearing

Piku is a film about a father-daughter relationship told through a journey and everyday occurences. The movie works on performances of Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan and Shoojit Sircar's nuanced direction.

Mrs. Doubtfire

This is one of those great movies that grow better over time. Director Chris Columbus uses the hilarious Robin Williams to his fullest. What raises Mrs. Doubtfire above other movies about separation is the care it takes in dealing with real human...

Father Of The Bride

This movie will make you laugh and also make you cry. It is about a father who shares a lovely bond with his daughter and gets quite possessive, when she is about to get married. Watch it with your dad to have a whale for a time.

Bicycle Thieves

Neorealism never got more real than in Vittorio de Sica's 1948 classic Bicycle Thieves. Antonio (Lamberto Maggiorani) is a poor man who is thrilled when he is at last offered a job: delivering and putting up movie posters. But he should find his l...

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