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Top 10 Lullabies For Babies

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Rock A Bye Baby

This lullaby is a beautiful song. It casts a spell of silence and peace. Before you know it your baby will be drifting to sleep. This melody is a variant of the English satirical ballad Lillibullero.

Hush Little Baby

Hush Little Baby is a traditional and beautiful lullaby with its origins in the southern part of the United States of America. This gentle melody that represents a mother's soothing voice will put your baby to sleep with a beautiful array of objec...

Sleep My Baby

Sleep My Baby is a song that's bound to make your little one reach out for the moon once she falls asleep. The melody is a relaxing, calming and soothing lullaby for babies to fall asleep.

I See The Moon

I See The Moon is a song about how the moon manages to be with you all the time.This video will relax your baby and make her sleep peacefully.

Brahms Lullaby

With calm and soothing lyrics like Lullaby, and good night, in the skies stars are bright / May the moon, silvery beams, bring you with dreams / Close you eyes, now and rest, may these hours be blessed, this melody willl make your baby calm and sl...

Silent Night

Silent Night lullaby is a soothing piece of music, usually played or sung to young children before they go to sleep, with the intention of aiding that process.

Lady And The Tramp

Lady and the tramp lullaby will make your baby sleep throughout the night peacefully. "La La Lu" is a song sung in Lady and the Tramp, which is a lullaby performed by Darling to her newborn Jim Jr.

Indian Lullabies

Hear some of your favourite Indian lullabies and other songs for your baby in a number of languages. These Indian lullabies will soothe your child to sleep and also help you bond with your child.

Baby Mine

"Baby Mine" is a song from the 1941 Disney animated feature Dumbo. The tunes and melody of this lullaby will enable your little one to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

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