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Toddler Safety Tips For Parents


Toddlers want to explore anything and everything they come across. It is, therefore, very important to keep hazardous objects away from their reach.

Covering your electrical outlets is a basic toddler safety tip. Lightweight furniture, drawers that open easily and doors can pose safety risk to toddlers. Kitchen is another dangerous place for kids. Make sure to keep all knives and sharp objects far from their reach. Use baby doors on staircases. Curtains and blind cords are risky for kids as they can be strangling hazards. Windows without safety frames or grills is a no-no in a house with kids. Make sure there are no tripping hazards in your home such as rugs, loose carpeting, cords and toys lying around. Keep cosmetics, medicines, oil, soap, toiletries in place far out of reach of your toddler. Use non-toxic paints in your home. Make sure your indoor air is clean. Your garden is another place where you need to keep an eye on your young kids. Gardening tools, fertiliser, trenches, pebbles and some plants can be dangerous for your toddler. Proper car seats for your toddler and keeping vehicles smoke free are also important.

Don't leave your infants and toddlers unattended in the bathroom even for a second. Always be with your young kids when on the beach, park, around swimming pool or anywhere outdoors. Summing up, an article in betterhealth.vic.gov.au states, “You can never completely ‘child-proof’ your home. You can, however, dramatically reduce the risk of injuries by making a few changes to your home and keeping your child under constant supervision.”

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