Today's Shocking News ! ‘bear Parenting’

'Bear Parenting' Bearenting A Welcome Break From The Helicopter Parenting Of Today

Japan’s “bear” parents, who left their seven-year-old son in a bear-infested forest to teach him a lesson about not throwing rocks at cars, just won the title of World’s Worst Mom and Dad. Yet, as with the gorilla-gate parents — the previous title...

Father Of Missing Japanese Kid Rescued Unharmed Makes Emotional Apology

Seven-year-old had not been seen since Saturday after his parents apparently abandoned him in a forest on the island of Hokkaido as punishment. Takayuki Tano...

Parenting Incidents Endangering Children Spark Anger And Empathy

Parenting landed under the critical spotlight of online media this past week with two recent incidents of children finding themselves in dangerous circumstances after being separated from their parents. In Japan, 7-year-old Yamato Tanooka was left...

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Today's Shocking News ! ‘bear Parenting’

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‘Bear Parenting’: a Welcome Break From the Helicopter Parenting of Today