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Tips To Wean Your Baby


The process of weaning refers to a baby making the transition from mother’s milk to solid food. Weaning can be a difficult time for both the parents as well as the baby. Making decisions such as which foods to start with and in what quantity involves considering many factors.

Parents should wait until the baby is at least 4 to 6 months old before they even begin to consider weaning. One important indication that parents should look out for is the early sign of gross motor skills beginning to develop in the child.

This includes noting whether the baby has begun lifting its head up. The baby should also show some oral motor skills to signal that it will be able to take in solid food. While some parents prefer to start with a semi-solid diet, there are some who jump directly to solid food. An important point that every parent should remember is that babies should never be forced to eat anything apart from their mother’s milk unless they are really ready to accept it.

While some general guidelines can be referred to, individual factors specific to a child should be kept in mind to decide on the right time for weaning. It is always a good idea to consult the paediatrician before making the transition. The paediatrician can help you with choosing the right baby food and planning the diet regimen to follow, as every child’s needs and constitution are different.

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