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Tips To Teach Your Child To Apologise


All of us make mistakes and hurt others, resulting in broken relationships, aching hearts and so on. But a heart-felt apology can have a healing effect and help set things right. Therefore, it is important for us to teach our child early on the importance of apology, when to and how to apologise. Although apologising doesn’t come naturally to a child, there are many ways in which parents can teach their child the art of apologising. Flip through the pages of our ClipBook to understand how to teach your child to apologise.


Why Sorry Is The Hardest Word To Say: How Refusing To Apologise 'Boosts Our Self-Esteem'

Sorry is the hardest word to say - and now experts have explained exactly why. While apologising can lessen feelings of guilt and help restore a wrongdoer's image, it seems declining to do so can have even more powerful psychological benefits. A...

Teach Your Kids To Say 'I'M Sorry' And Mean It

CNN's Kelly Wallace and psychologist Erik Fisher give parents advice on how to teach their kids to apologize for bad behavior.

Teaching Kids To Apologize

How many times have our kids given the obligatory “I’m sorry” when we know good and well they didn’t really mean it? If that happens in your house – you’re not alone.  Today we’re talking about how to teach your kids to apologize in a way that is ...

"Say You're Sorry" -- When A Young Adolesent Won't Apologize

For many young people, the insecurity and vulnerability of early adolescence (around ages 9 - 13) can make it hard to say, "I'm sorry" for a wrong that has been done. At this transitional age, when the separation from childhood into adolescence h...

Teaching Kids To Apologize

Have you noticed how apologizing has become almost a lost art these days? A great number of adults–not kids–seem to have forgotten how to say that glorious two-word simple phrase, “I’m sorry!” And if the offender (whether it be government official...

Teach Your Kids To Say Sorry And Actually Mean It

Reprimanding your kids is something that most parents hate doing. It’s part of the dirty work of parenting. While it isn’t any fun being the bad guy or the strict disciplinarian, it’s necessary.

Don't Force Kids To Say They're Sorry

Squabbles between children are common. In some cases, these conflicts lead to physical contact where one child pushes or hits the other. If parents witness the altercation, they usually ask the aggressor to say he's sorry. This is the right thing...

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