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Tips To Teach Your Child Photography


Photography can be a great way for your child to start expressing herself in a world increasingly focused on visuals. On doesn’t need to go far to see how so much of our interaction with the world, especially online has taken to the visual medium. Whether it’s the artistic and edited feel of Instagram, or the spontaneous and raw feel of Snapchat, people are choosing to express themselves in pictures much more now. Even the kind of entertainment products we tend to consume these days tend to be visual, e.g. films, television, streaming websites, YouTube, etc. Though there is some rise in podcasts and other audio-based entertainment, the amount of people interested in these are fewer. Moreover, your child need not use traditional photographs to express herself, as there is also much exploration and rise in innovative photographs, whether achieved through editing magic or focus on a different type of object or form. So, photography would be a pretty accessible medium for your child's self-expression.  


Why Teach Your Child Photography

You might wonder if you need to be a photography expert to teach your children. Don’t worry, as you don’t need to get a degree in photography before attempting to get your child interested in the subject.

Introduce Basic Photography Terms

Introduce your child to the basic terms and concepts in photography. This would allow your child to start thinking about how a photo can be taken and what are the parts of that process that he can play around with, e.g. lighting, distance, lines, ...

Start With Very Basic Activities

It might be helpful to start with very basic photography styles, so that there’s not any pressure on your child at all. This way your child will get used to the idea and feeling of taking photos. Click the link here to find about such an exercise ...

Having A Good Teaching Approach

You might not need to be an expert photographer to guide your child, but you do need to be careful in the kind of approach you take to teaching photography as you might with teaching any other subject.This is because your child might become disint...

Introduce Your Child To Photography Apps

Photography usually goes hand in hand with photo editing, as editing allows one to fine tune the photograph in ways that might not be possible in capturing the raw photograph. So, introducing your child to editing, whether to add text and quirky o...

Do Photography Projects

Sometimes constraints can spark creativity in ways that a lack of rules can’t, simply because constraints require one to think about how to work with or around them. Projects can be one way to apply such constraints. Projects add structure to the ...

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