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Tips To Learn A New Language


Learning a new language can be a highly rewarding activity for your child during the holidays or even during the school season. There are several benefits of knowing more than one language and what better time to learn a new one than when the mind is still young and fresh.

Learning a language confers many benefits on a child. It challenges his brain and improves cognitive development and academic performance. It enables him to think in multiple languages and thus promotes strong thinking skills, problem solving abilities and build friendships cutting across different cultures. It also opens up more job opportunities.

But before you decide to enrol your child in a new language course, there are a few things you need to know and come up with a plan. In the article ‘Secrets of learning a language quickly’, BBC has outlined a very important point, ‘The more you immerse yourself in the foreign language — such as reading, listening to the radio or speaking to people — the more rapid your progress will be’.

Also, you should know about some of the common mistakes that people make while learning a new language. Lack of curiosity, not listening enough, shyness and insecurity and rigid thinking are some of the negative attitudes that affect the learning ability.

Remember, learning a language requires time and effort. Set specific and realistic goals, as having high expectations and being unable to achieve them may disappoint you.

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