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Tips To Improve Mental Health In Children


Mental health occupies a place of prime importance today. It is on par with physical health. Unstable mental health can impact not only a child’s day-to-day functioning but can interfere with his overall health and development.

So, what can parents do? To begin, parents should remember that they have an important part to play in shaping their children’s mental health. In every society, parents ensure that the basic needs of their child, which ranges from nutritious food to proper clothing to adequate toys are met. This is the norm across the world. In most cases, mental health is one department that is not paid much attention to. This is totally wrong!

Without a good mental health, a child will suffer from many issues like low self-confidence, inability to interact with others, not able to take decisions on own, and fear of change.

Unconditional love from the family, secure surroundings, encouragement are some ways to nurture and develop a child’s mental health. This ClipBook looks at tips through which you can improve mental health in children.


Talk About Mental Illness With Your Child

One thing that can be extremely helpful for parents is to talk to their child on the topic of mental health. Rather than avoid the topic, if parents talk openly on it, in a calm demeanour to their children, the child will open up about his problems.

Encourage Creativity

Encouraging creativity in children can have a positive impact on mental health. Different activities like colouring, knitting, sewing, pottery and gardening can help reduce stress, increase positivity, increase self-esteem, and improve happiness.

Be Aware Of Signs And Symptoms

Before you start to help you child with his or her mental health, be familiar with the symptoms. It can be hard for parents to identify their child’s mental health that can lead to delay in treatment. Children suffer from many mental health condit...

Tell Your Child It Is Okay To Struggle

If your child is suffering from a mental issue, tell him that struggle is a part of it and he needs to stay strong. Try to counsel him, take him to a social skill group, encourage him to take up a hobby and take part in activities he enjoys doing.

Don’T Overreact At Your Child

It is natural for parents to feel exasperated at the constant changes in behaviour of their child. However, parents should remember it is normal for a child suffering from mental illness to behave this way. Overreacting or scolding the child will ...

Parents Should Try To Put Themselves In Their Children’S Position

Often, parents do not have much patience with a child suffering from mental illness. This is a wrong approach. Sit back, take a pause and think. Try to look at the situation from the child’s point of view.

Provide A Safe And Secure Environment

Children who suffer from mental illness require a safe and secure environment. This will enable them to feel secure enough to deal with their issues. Also, this gives them a sense of security, which is of great help.

What Every Child Needs For Good Mental Health

This article looks at many factors that contribute to good mental health in children. Providing appropriate guidance, giving unconditional love and adequate food and sleep are some of them.

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