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Tips To Host The Ideal Superhero Party

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Need superhero party ideas for your child’s birthday? Capes, shields, masks, games, and cake…what could possibly go wrong? Add to this dollops of fun and excitement and this could be one event that your little one will never forget.

Superheroes have been around for decades and are an iconic part of our culture. From Gotham’s caped crusader Batman to the indestructible Iron Man, generations of children have grown up admiring them and other superheroes. Through various mediums such as comic books, cartoons, video games, clothing etc., superheroes have reached each household. A fascination for a superhero can benefit your child in many ways – boost his self-confidence and make him feel powerful.

So, how do you go about hosting the perfect superhero party for your child? Follow these tips to ensure your plan works out well.

• Start with the invitations: Make attractive invitations that will set the tone for the party. The article, How To Make Superhero Party Invitations, published in MadeMan, says a superhero clipart, pictures of your child, a printer, glitter pens, and glue sticks are some of the materials needed to make a good invitation.

• Choose suitable decorations: Decorations form an integral part of a superhero party. Superhero banners, tags, and signs can be used to decorate the room where the party is being held.

• Superhero foods: We are not literally talking about superhero foods. What you can do is use your imagination. Bake cookies in the shapes of bats, have a superman edible photo on the cake or colour jello cups red and spray paint on the glasses making a web symbol to represent Spiderman.

Hosting a superhero party can be both fun and inexpensive for you and your child. By following some of the tips mentioned in this ClipBook, your child’s party can be a ‘super’ one and your child will feel like a ‘hero’.

How to make your own superhero photo booth and props: Flip through the ClipBook below to download superhero masks, Wonder Woman crown and callout printables. 

Check out the July 2017 issue of ParentCircle magazine for step by step instructions on how to create your own photo booth and props. 


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