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Tips To Help Children Fight Anxiety

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Anxiety is very much a part of life, as it is as natural an emotion as happiness or sadness.

Everyone is bound to experience anxiety from time to time. In fact, anxiety need not be as dangerous as it made to sound. It often protects the person from harm, alerts one to danger and might even help one achieve. An article in AnxietyBC supports this. “The sensations we experience in an anxious situation are designed to alert and activate us. They are normal and part of our body’s natural response mechanism. Our body is smart enough to know when to ‘amp up’ and when to ‘calm down’,” reads the article.

However, anxiety in children can be harmful for their performances and opportunities. In order to avoid that, make she your child does not avoid anxiety-provoking situations. An article in Psychology Today says, “If a child faces his or her fears, the child will learn that the anxiety reduces naturally on its own over time. The body cannot remain anxious for a very long period of time so there is a system in the body that calms the body down. Usually your anxiety will reduce within 20-45 minutes if you stay in the anxiety-provoking situation.”

This ClipBook contains much more information about anxiety and tips on how to help your child fight it. Flip though it pages and make your dear one lead a stress-free life.


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