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Tips To Handle Travel Sickness In Babies

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Consider this: you are looking forward to a relaxing vacation and have just started your road trip. Just when you are enjoying the scenery, your little one feels nauseous and from then on, it become an uncomfortable drive.  In car sickness, a child's inner ear senses motion, but his other body parts are static. This confusion leads to an upset stomach, fatigue and vomiting.

There are simple ways in which you can handle carsickness in babies and toddlers. Read this ClipBook which will give you some valuable advice on making your child comfortable while travelling.    


Infant Carsickness: What Is It And How Do You Treat It?

Car or motion sickness in infants and children can quickly turn an everyday car ride into an unfortunate one. While motion sickness can affect people of all ages, children aged 2-12 years are more likely to experience carsickness, according to the...

Car Sickness In Children: Can I Prevent It?

Car sickness is a type of motion sickness. Motion sickness occurs when the brain receives conflicting information from the inner ears, eyes and nerves in the extremities.

Top 10 Tips To Prevent Travel Sickness In Children

Travel or motion sickness is a common reaction of body felt by plenty of adults and children when they are travelling by any transport like car, ship or airplane. Motion sickness can occur while travelling with any kind of transport and is named ...

8 Ways To Prevent Car Sickness In Children

Do road trips make your child go green with nausea? Motion sickness is a mysterious beast. Researchers have never been able to figure out why some people feel nauseous every time they take a car trip and others travel without any discomfort. The g...

Motion Sickness In Babies And Toddlers

Babies being car sick is a nightmare – the car stinks, the car seat needs to be washed, baby’s clothes need to be completely changed and this usually has to be done in a lay by, a garage, someone’s driveway or a service station. If you’re sharing ...

Babies Getting Car Sick In Not Uncommon

Knowing what exactly goes on in your baby's brain is impossible, but it's easy to wonder if they experience the same sensations adults do. No parent wants their child to get sick every time they're in the car, but understanding if, how, and why it...

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