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Tips To Deal With Stubborn Toddlers


A stubborn toddler is always a challenge to handle. His strong will and attitude might sometimes irritate you. It just stresses you out and drives you crazy.

According to an article titled Stubborn Behavior in Kids, published in, ‘Stubborn behavior by a child can be frustrating for parents.. For one, the resistance may come at a time when you are trying to get your child to do something in his own best interest, such as school work. Stubborn behavior creates added tension for already busy and stressed parents. It may also occur in settings that produce public embarrassment and discomfort to onlookers. Employ several strategies to deal with your child's stubborn behavior.’

So how could parents deal with stubborn toddlers? Is there a way to calm them down, bring down their adamant behaviour and make them normal? says, ‘The best way to deal with a stubborn child is to show him that his behavior doesn’t work. Pay attention to his good behavior for the desired outcome.’ It also lists down ten ways to handle a stubborn child. They include:

- Listening to them

- Not arguing with them

- Connecting with them

- Not forcing them

- Giving them options

- Staying calm

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