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Tips To Deal With Allergies In Children

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Every parent wants to see his or her child live a healthy and comfortable life, more so if the child has allergies. So, how can you help your child live a comfortable life in spite of allergies?

You need to be aware of common allergies, their symptoms and treatment. What symptoms does your child exhibit when having an episode of allergies?

This ClipBook has been especially designed to answer all your questions related to your child’s allergies.


Common Allergies In Children

Allergies can get in the way of your child’s ability to sleep well, play, and function in school. Here’s what to look out for and how to determine if your child’s symptoms may be an allergy.

Allergy Causes In Children: What Parents Can Do

Children can contract allergies from coming into contact with allergens. Allergens can be inhaled, eaten, or injected (from stings or medicine) or they can come into contact with the skin. Allergies tend to run in families.

10 Common Foods That Can Cause Allergies In Children

Food allergies in children are a nightmare for each parent. The symptoms are not always the obvious — skin rashes and itching. In fact, they manifest in many ways than one and are different for each food.

How Environmental Exposure May Affect Your Child

Has your kid spent a lot of her life sneezing and drippy-nosed? Here's what you should know about nasal allergies in kids.

Managing Food Allergies And Intolerance In Children

You should exclude any foods from your child's diet that cause them to have an allergic reaction. Ask your doctor for a full allergy examination to avoid your child having to exclude essential foods, e.g. cow's milk, unnecessarily from their diet.

Living With A Child Who Has Allergies

The process of having a child diagnosed with allergy can be a frustrating and worrying one, as parents try to help their child cope with symptoms at the same time as trying to understand what is causing them. Receiving a diagnosis of allergy can g...

Tips To Prevent Allergies And Asthma In Children

It has long been known that allergies and asthma tend to run in families, making children where one or both parents have an allergic disease more likely to develop these conditions. Fortunately, there are steps that may delay or possibly prevent a...

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