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Tips To Choose The Right Bed For Your Child



Children's Bed Buying Guide

A bed for a child is so much more than just a sleeping space; it can be a den, a place to do homework, and somewhere to store toys as well. With a wide variety of modern beds designed to save space, and be fun and functional too, make sure you kno...

Types Of Childrens Beds

When coming to purchase a bed for your child then consider all the different options on the market before committing to buy. Kid’s beds will come in a range of styles and shapes, some being more suitable than others for the existing style of the b...

How To Choose The Right Bed For Your Child

Children spend slightly more than a third of their day in bed. Plenty of restive sleep is one of the most important factors for kids growth and development and having a hassle-free bed-time routine makes for a much calmer household for parents and...

How To Buy A Bed For A Child

If you are moving your child out of a crib and buying a child's bed for the first time, your first step is to head into a Bedpost showroom to get an expert opinion on what's best for your child, your budget and your home.

The Important Things To Consider When Picking A Bed For Your Child

Parents want to make sure they are providing their child with the best possible support and comfort to nurture their growing bodies whilst asleep. After all, children need to be well rested so they have the energy for playing and learning.

Choosing A Bed For Children With Special Needs

It’s often hard enough to get any children into a bedtime routine. Even if they were great as babies, they can turn into little terrors once they’re old enough to play up. However, these problems can be intensified for children with special needs.

How To Pick The Right Bed For Your Children

The bed frame is not as important as the mattress choice. Your child’s spine and bones are still developing, and sleeping on an improper mattress, like foam or latex, which mould to a child’s body instead of supporting it, may put stress on the sp...

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