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Tips To Choose Children's Eye Glasses


Gone are the days when all that was available in terms of eyeglasses were unflattering and big frames. These days there are a lot of exciting designs to choose from, but the availability of so many choices can also be overwhelming for some. When it comes to choosing eyeglasses for your child, you might need some help in the form of answers to the following questions: Will a stylish pair of eye frames be comfortable for long-term wear? Will a delicate eye frame last for more than a few months? Is the cost of a beautiful eye frame justified? Most importantly, will your child like a durable and comfortable pair of eyeglasses?

An article in allaboutvision.com offers the following advice: “If the prescription calls for strong lenses that are likely to be thick, it is important to keep the frames as small as possible to reduce the final lens thickness. Also, smaller lenses tend to have fewer higher-order aberrations near the edge of the lens than large lenses of the same material and prescription, so there is less risk of blurred or distorted peripheral vision.”

Apart from being an essential requirement for those with weak eyesight, eyeglasses nowadays are also a fashion accessory. Previously, plastic eye frames were considered the best choice for children, but now lightweight metal frames are also available. Also, to make eyeglasses look cool, you can choose eye frames in exciting colours and models. So, buy a frame that will look good on your child and prevent others from teasing her about it.

You can learn more about how to choose eyeglasses by flipping through this ClipBook. 


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