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Tips To Avoid Getting Caught In Traffic Jams

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No one likes getting caught in a traffic jam. It’s worst part of our commute as we just have to sit and stare at the road waiting for the vehicles to move. Not only is getting caught in a traffic jam a waste of time, but it also has adverse effects on our health.

Many studies have reported the harmful effects of long commutes, and traffic jams only add to that. One of these studies is 'Air pollution and health risks due to vehicle traffic' by Kai Zhang and Stuart Batterman, published in Science of the Total Environment in 2013. This study says that spending time in traffic congestion gives rise to significant health risks.

Flip through the pages of our ClipBook to understand how you can avoid getting caught in long traffic jams that plague our cities.


Try Public Transport

While you might find public transport inconvenient in a different way, it’s worth a try. This is especially true when the public transport doesn’t use the road, e.g. metro, trains. This would not only help you avoid traffic jams, but also free you...

Try A Two-Wheeler

While a two-wheeler still has to face some traffic, due to its size it can get out of that traffic much faster than a car. There might even be some alternative routes with narrow roads, that two-wheelers can navigate very easily in comparison to c...

Check Facebook

If you are stuck in a traffic jam, you might be on Facebook anyway. But, did you know that certain police (like the Delhi police) post live updates on traffic? Find out if your town police has a Facebook page and if they too report traffic.

Tune Into Your Local Radio

Many radio stations report on the traffic in the local area in between their segments. Check if any of your local radios do that. In case they don’t you could always send in a request. You never know, they might listen to you!

Try Some New Apps

Apps like Google Maps and Waze can come in really handy for navigating through traffic as they update the amount of congestion and how long it would take you to get there in real time. The can also show you some of the alternative routes you can t...

Know How To Use The Navigation Systems

It’s not enough to download the apps; you must know how to use them. While these are mostly straight forward, it doesn’t hurt to know the tips and tricks to work them better.

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