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Tips For Kids To Stay Healthy During Summer


The hot months of summer is around the corner. Most children will be relishing the season because of school holidays. They will be eager to run outdoors and play to their heart's content even as they sip on cooled drinks.

However. Summer is not all about fun and play. It is also a time when there is a rise in diseases like diarrhea and jaundice and skin problems like blisters and rashes. So, what can kids, and more specifically, parents do?

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To begin, supervision of diet is of utmost importance. Parents should focus on swapping junk and processed food with healthy, homemade ones. Try packing lunch boxes with brown bread sandwich instead of pizza.

Also, parents should take their kids to the doctor for checkups regularly. Vaccinations should also be scheduled on time so that kids remain healthy.

All in all, this ClipBook looks at various way kids can stay healthy during summer.


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