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Tips For Decorating Childrens Room And House



How To Make Your Home Child-Friendly

Having your own place to finally nest after you have kids can be one of the most exciting things, but once you start thinking about decorating for it you begin to realize that there are a lot of limitations and restrictions that, as a responsible ...

Decorate Your Home With Your Childrens Artwork

Whoever said that family homes should only be decorated with adult artwork obviously didn’t have children! Artwork in various formats from children are a great opportunity to add whimsical touches to your home as well as splashes of color in rooms...

Family-Friendly Decorating Tips

Just because you have kids doesn't mean you have to give up your design style. We asked top interior designers for ideas on how they create a space that's both sophisticated and sippy-cup friendly....

Ideas For Fun Playrooms And Childrens Bedrooms

Decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom can be challenging. You want a design they won’t outgrow too quickly, and something you can live with, too. Check out these designer spaces and see how to mix high style with pure fun...

Our Best Tips For Decorating With Children In Mind

When you're sharing a house with youngsters, it's not always easy to keep said house clean and organized and beautiful (or even keep the chaos under control)...

How Colours Affect Behavior

Colour has the ability to inspire, excite, soothe, heal and even agitate. This is particularly true for children, who can be extra sensitive to the colour's impact. So the importance of picking out just the right colour for a young child's room sh...

Benefits Of Decorating Your Child's Room With Wall Murals

Many parents are now even buying organic foods just to make sure that their children are getting the best of what is out there. However, have you ever thought of how their room could affect their life, growth and learning ability?

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