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Tips For A Great Grandparent–grandchild Bond


Being a grandparent is very different from being a parent. For starters, they no longer shoulder the primary responsibility for a child, for example her health or well-being or education. But, that does not mean that grandparents are not involved in the lives of their grandchildren.

In fact, compared with parents, children share a much deeper and closer bond with their grandparents. There are many reasons for this such as spending more quality time with each other, conversing more often, willingness to listen and so on.

But, with changing times, the role grandparents need to play and the way they need to deal with their grandchild is also changing. So, grandparents have to be in tune with the needs of today. They need to understand what the digital-age grandchild really needs.

Flipping through the pages of our Clipbook will help give an idea of how grandparents can bond with their grandchild.


Tips For Grandparents Of A One-Year-Old

Congratulations, especially if this is your first time being a grandparent. You can get as silly as you want with your grandchild and she’d probably laugh and smile. You can spend time with your grandchild by being around more and even baby-sittin...

Tips For Grandparents Of A Two-Year-Old

"What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies," said the American lawyer and former mayor of Ne...

Tips For Grandparents Of A Three-Year-Old

Your grandchild seems energetic than ever before and there is a lot of running and jumping around to keep pace with her. Make sure you don’t strain yourself too much even if she throws a tantrum. Remember that if the child is throwing up a tantrum...

Tips For Grandparents Of A Four-Year-Old

You can teach your grandchild discipline and values now, as he is better able understand what you want him to know. You can even tell your grandchild about the times you have lived through and about what you have learned. Children tend to like sto...

Long-Distance Grandparenting

It can be hard when your grandchildren live far away and you can’t meet them often. And, while nothing can replace your physical presence around your grandchild, do try to talk to her through video calls. This is one of the best way to connect whe...

Why I Love My Grandparents

Lastly, we just want to remind you that your grandchild loves you. So, do what you can to cherish this relationship and hold your grandchild close.

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