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Time-management Tips For Families


In this busy world, where things move faster than ever, it can feel like your time keeps slipping away from you. Not to mention the wormhole of social media where we almost always end up spending more time than we intended to. This coupled with the hectic schedule for parents can feel like a certain recipe for mini disasters.

If you feel this way, it can help to learn about some time management skills. These skills can help you keep a better track of your time and even better control on how you spend your time.

In this ClipBook, we have put together some time management tips that can be especially helpful for families. So, read flip through to become the ultimate time manager!


Practise Mindfulness

Many times we end up losing time when we aren’t paying attention to what we are doing. This happens a lot when we are watching TV or looking at our phones. Instead, if we practise mindfulness and try to be present in our daily lives, we would be m...

Don’T Try To Multitask

While it’s tempting to try and get two or more things done at the same time, it ends up wasting a lot more time. This is because you end up concentrating less on each task. Not to mention the harmful long-term effects of multitasking like lowered ...

Don’T Be A Perfectionist!

It can be tempting to work on something until you have every single bit of it exactly right. However, you might end up wasting a lot of time in the process. Not to mention that you might even procrastinate quite a bit due to the pressure of gettin...


Most of the time, it’s the women who end up being in charge of the housework. And it can be especially tiring for one person to do all of that on her own. So, it would help to delegate some tasks to other family members and in certain cases outsid...

Have A Media Use Plan

Having a plan in place to deal with the challenges of screen devices can come in very handy. Especially because it’s so hard to draw attention away from them in comparison to most other objects. And since these devices are significant culprits of ...

Create And Maintain Boundaries

While it can be hard to set up boundaries, it’s very important that you do. A lack of boundaries, especially from your work life, could mean spending less time with your child or even facing burnout. So create boundaries like not working when you ...

Teach Your Child Time Management

You could even teach time management to your child! This would help move things a bit more smoothly, as your child would be better at getting things done on time.

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