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Things To Know For A Healthy Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for a woman. It brings the entire family together and fills the home with warmth and happiness. But for a healthy and happy pregnancy, it is essential to know the factors that can ensure it. And you should start focussing on them even before you conceive.

Of these factors, diet and nutrition are two of the most important ones. If yours is a planned pregnancy, you should ensure that you start eating healthy and nutritious food even before you conceive. But although food is an important factor, you should avoid overeating, as an article on Babycenter titled, ‘How many calories do I need a day whilst pregnant?’ states that a pregnant woman needs only about 300 additional calories per day. Taking proper prenatal vitamins along with moderate workouts and rest is also vital to ensure that you stay physically healthy. Besides taking care of your body, you must also do things that engage your mind and keep you happy. You can also involve your family in your pregnancy by seeking their support and help as and when required.

Regarding the eating habits of the pregnant actress Kareena Kapoor, Nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar said, “Kareena’s food is simple and right!” That’s what expectant mothers should stick to. Proper diet, healthy lifestyle, adequate exercise and a stress-free life should be your topmost priorities during pregnancy.

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