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Things To Help Combat Hunger In Schools


According to, as humans, we know that all other aspects of life suffer when our basic needs are not being met. We also know that a hungry child at school experiences more than just a grumbling tummy.

Children who are living with food insecurity during the first five years of their lives are more likely to lag in social, emotional, and cognitive development once they start kindergarten.

A quality education is central to a child’s wellbeing. When a child shows up every day ready to learn, they can stay alert and participate in class. This sets children up for a challenging start to their education.

Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to know what can be done today to help combat hunger in schools.


Hunger In Schools

A quality education is central to a child’s well being. When a child shows up every day ready to learn, they can stay alert and participate in class. They can run with their friends on the playground, practice their reading skills, and create insp...

Fighting Childhood Hunger In Schools

Learn about the Schools Fight Hunger organization and find out how your school can participate in this exclusive TeachHUB interview.

This Program Helps Some Schools Fight Hunger, But Not Everyone Agrees

To help fight child hunger and curb food waste, some schools around the country have been hosting school lunch “share tables.”

How Schools Help To Fight Childhood Hunger

Free school meals continue to be a topic of controversy, but no one can deny the fact that children learn better when they aren’t hungry. When children aren’t thinking about the food they focus better and engage in school.

Make Sure No Kids Are Going To School Hungry

Many organizations are already finding ways to combat child hunger. Here’s how you can help work towards making sure no kids are going hungry.

Ways You Can Help Fight Hunger

So how can you help? For one thing, learn the facts. Spread the word and get your friends, family, co-workers involved. There are so many ways you can help. Here are eight, easy ideas.

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