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Things To Do When Your Child Has Epileptic Seizures


Are you worried about your child's epilepsy? Is his condition affecting his daily activities? Remember, there is no cure for epilepsy but it can be controlled, to a great extent, with medication. 

Studies show that a small percentage of children have their first seizure under 15 years, and when they have more than one seizure, the condition is called epilepsy.

The symptoms of epilepsy depend on the type of seizure with around 60 per cent of the being convulsive in nature. The rest is non-convulsive in nature.

It is highly recommended to consider a diagnosis for epilepsy. A complete medical history should be handed to the doctor and describe what happened before and after the seizure. This helps the doctor to examine your child better.

Flip through the clipbook pages to know more about how to handle your child during seizures. 


Things To Know About Childhood Epilepsy

Epilepsy during childhood can be troublesome and the child may suffer because of the stigma attached to the illness. But how does it start? Often, a burst in the electrical signals of the brain causes epileptic seizures. It is sometimes also calle...

What Happens During A Seizure?

After a seizure, the patient undergoes a plethora of emotions. Feeling embarrassed, ashamed, sad, depressed, anxious, upset, confused, scared, frustrated, fuzzy, and having memory loss are common symptoms after a seizure.

Seizure: Facts And Prevention

In most cases, a seizure occurs to children with a family history of seizures. Studies have revealed that seizures may occur following an infection during a high fever.

Steps To Follow During A Seizure

One of the important things to do is to always keep sharp, hard and breakable materials away from children having a seizure. This will keep them from hurting themselves.

15 Ways To Stay Safe If You Have Epilepsy

Is there a way to secure the house in such a way that it becomes accident-safe for children who suffer from epilepsy? You can start with the bathrooms to avoid your little one getting hurt. Do not lock any door as you may not be able to aid the ch...

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