Things To Do In Chennai

100 Things To Do In Chennai - How Many Have You Done?

What are the things one can do in Chennai?

Chennai (Madras) Things To Do

Certainly the best museum in India (that I have visited) but then still way to go before one could call it to meet international standards. The complex could be bit more cleaner.

The Top Places To Visit In Chennai

For the first-time visitor, there’s no dearth of places to visit and things to do in Chennai, the southernmost metro in India. The Tamil capital dazzles a visitor with its range of experiences: be it sampling spicy Tamil fare, a walk on its pictu...

Things To Do In Chennai This Weekend | Time Out Chennai

Find fun from Friday night to Monday morning with events and activities uprated by the Time Out community

Things To Do In Chennai

Go around Chennai, let your hair loose, do these fun things.

Fun Activities & Things To Do In Chennai

A world of beauty and allure can be found in Chennai, India. Formerly known as Madras, this city is also full of exciting places and tourist attractions. A detailed map of the city will point you to all of the best places while you are embarking u...

10 Thing You Can't Leave Chennai Without Doing | The Aiesec Bucket-List

AIESEC in Chennai gives you 10 uber-cool things you can do while in Chennai for your exchange program. :) For this is, The Big Fat Indian Experience. ;)

Things To Do In The City

So if you are in Chennai and dying to explore the city, these are the must-go places that will make you fall in love with the city! Check them out. Madras, or Chennai if you will, is the perfect combination of old world charm and modern hustle-bus...

15 Things To Do When You Are In Chennai

One can also find many archaeological and numismatic collections on display in Chennai.

25 Things To Do In Chennai

Check out our list of 25 things to do in Chennai. From adventure sports to fun outdoor & indoor activities to handpicked tours & more, try out these amazing activities in Chennai.

14 Incredibly Cool Things You Need To Do In Chennai

Chennai is dosa central and, even in this city of millions of amazing dosas, this is the best one. It’s so good that you won’t be able to stop with just one. You’ll want a theen-sa and a chaar-sa and a paanch-sa. (I’m not even sorry.) The Gangaiko...

Must See Must Do In Chennai : Simply Chennai

Think you know everything about your city? Shilpa Rathnam trawls through chennai's nooks and crannies to bring you a list of all that is iconic in your city as well as a few little known jewels. Nalli: The souvenir to buy in Chennai is a Kanchipur...

Namma Chennai: 10 Interesting Things About The City You Might Not Know

Chennai- the beaches, the buildings, the very old colleges, the heat, the lights, the traffic; one of the cities that never sleeps! But is that all? Read on to discover how much you know about this city. We got the name Chennai only in 1996. Until...

Ten Old Eateries In Chennai You Must Not Miss

Two areas mainly for food – Mylapore and Sowcarpet with a stop over at Triplicane.

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Things To Do In Chennai

List of things you can do in Chennai.