The Right Book For Your Child

Selecting Books For Your Child: Finding 'Just Right' Books

Video bonus: To see the five finger rule in action, take a look at teacher Amber Prentice explaining the strategy! Still think it may not be too difficult? Use the five finger rule on two more pages. Read two or three pages and ask yourself thes...

How To Choose The Right Book For Your Child

In case you missed the announcement, the research is in: students who do not read between June and September suffer . Summer is a great time to emphasize that reading for pleasure is important. Reading should also be easy and enjoyable—pick a book...

Telling Children Stories - India Parenting

Once upon a time... these four little words have the super power to immediately transfer your children and you to another reality. Stories have the power of altering your children’s minds. What stories you tell your child and how you narrate them ...

Teaching Children To Choose Just-Right Books

Another blog on modeling the choosing of books is here. This is a lesson that you should visit again and again throughout the school year. As the year progresses your instruction on the topic of “just-right” books will become more complex, and you...

Choosing The Right Books For Your Child

Summer reading is a wonderful tradition you can begin with your child. So many of my childhood memories revolve around reading. Whenever we moved to a new town, the first thing we did was find the local library and get a library card. We visited t...

5 Tips For Helping A Student Find The Right Book

When I was a high school English language arts teacher, there was really no greater feeling than helping a kid find the book. When they wrote something that they truly owned and were proud of (an essay, poem, letter), that was a close second. As t...

Benefits Of Reading A Panchatantra Bedtime Story To Kids

The Benefits of Reading a Panchatantra Bedtime Story to Kids The Panchatantra is a collection of fables written for young minds that is divided into a five distinct volumes. They are renowned for being a good read, as they help illuminate young mi...

Choosing A "Just Right" Book

East Elementary School students demonstrate how to find a "just right" book for you.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Child Needs Good Reading Habits

Official Website - http://www.ChildrenLearnToRead.com - Provides tips and techniques parents and teachers can use to teach children how to read. How to ...

Encouraging Reading Habits Of Children Child Editor 2014

Encouraging reading habits of children CMS LP School students star t library Child Editor 2014.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Child Needs Good Reading Habits

How Children Learn to Read and Write | Teaching Children to Read and Write http://www.ChildrenLearnToRead.com If you would like to learn about our simple, ...

How To Help Kids Choose Just Right Books | Literacy | Teachmama.Com

How to help kids choose just right books--books that are perfect 'fit' for their level and ability. I explain what P.I.C.K. means for kids and why they should learn ...

Help A Child Choose A Book - Readwritethink

Why Use This Tip What to Do Children become good readers one book at a time. But how do you help a child choose the right books? You don�t have to be an expert in reading levels to guide a child to books that entertain, enlighten, and challenge ...

How To Help Your Child Choose The Right Book

Leslie Prechtel, local children's school librarian at Wichita Collegiate School, offers tips for parents who want to encourage reading and help their childre...

Good Reading Habits For Your Children.

Good reading habits for your children.

Good Reading Habits And What To Read

This video addresses the parental concern of inculcating good reading habits in children. It shares some personal experiences through which it highlights subtly ...

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The Right Book For Your Child

Arjun NarayananArjun Narayanan
Picking the right book for your child can be a confusing job. Here are some ways in which you can get it right