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The Many Colours Of Holi


Though Holi is a Hindu festival enjoyed in India and Nepal, it can also be regarded as a day of joyous celebration. The joy transcends age, religion and origin making Holi an increasingly popular festival around the world. From little children to the elderly, anyone can take part in this spring festival that is filled with colour, song and dance, and have an amazing time. It is on this day that mess is absolutely beautiful, and attacking people (with water guns and colour-filled balloons) is completely acceptable.

Here are a few ways to make the ‘festival of colours’ a ‘festival for kids’. If you celebrate Holi in a traditional way, you can engage your little one in helping you prepare all the festival delicacies. According to an article on Holi in, before the festival, you can also take your child to shop for colours and help him fill his water gun and balloons with these colours. You can make use of this joyous day to get together with your friends and relatives, thus giving your little one a more special and enjoyable time. These little celebrations will give you an opportunity to bond with your kid in the most animated and colourful way.

Most importantly, take many colourful pictures of your child, to capture the height of her excitement and jubilance in celebrating the festival. For such beautiful and mesmerising pictures of children celebrating Holi, take a look at this ClipBook.


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