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The Major Parenting Styles


Your style of parenting can influence you child’s development in many ways. Every parent adopts a parenting style, knowing or unknowingly, and this style plays a very important part in the child’s life. In addition, it can also affect the relationship you share with her. The various approaches to parenting and discipline you adopt can even influence your child’s mood and temperament into her adulthood.

That being said, picking your own style of parenting becomes very essential. An article on ‘Types of Parenting Styles’ published in verywell says, “When determining a discipline strategy, it is important to think about what it is that you want your child to learn. Effective discipline strategies can teach children to become responsible adults who are able to make healthy decisions on their own.”

Here are a few common styles of parenting...While authoritarian parenting enforces punishments over consequences, authoritative parenting involves usage of more positive consequences to reinforce good behaviours. Permissive parents have “kids will be kids” attitude, and will be lenient when it comes to discipling, where as, uninvolved parents will be neglectful of their child’s behaviours and performances altogether. However, there will be sometimes when parents don’t fit into just one category. The may adapt different styles to suit different situations and behaviours.

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What's Your Parenting Style?

Parenting isn’t only a collection of skills, rules, and tricks of the trade. It’s who you are, what your family culture is, and how you transmit the most personal aspects of your values to your child.

Which Of These 4 Parenting Styles Describes You?

The type of discipline you use can have a dramatic effect on your child’s development. Your discipline strategies can have a big impact on the type of relationship you have with your child. The various approaches to discipline can even influence a...

12 Types Of Parenting Styles

Read this article to know more about different types of parenting styles and the scientific approach to 4 other famous parenting styles.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

Authoritarian or autocratic parenting is a style characterized by high demands from parents and low responsiveness. Parents expect high from children, leaving little room for feedback. Even if there is feedback, it is often negative. Such parents ...

Permissive Parenting

The permissive style of parenting is all about taking a relaxed approach to being a parent, where you lay more emphasis on being a friend to your child than being a parent. As a parent, you will be loving, warm, caring and understanding.

Authoritative Parenting Style

The"Authoritative Parenting Style" is one that communicates in a warm, accepting, nurturing manner. Parents maintain firm expectations and restrictions on their children's behaviour while holding them accountable for their own actions.

Uninvolved Or Neglectful Parenting Style

Uninvolved parenting is also referred as indifferent or dismissive or neglectful parenting style, as the name itself is self-explanatory where parents are not really involved much with their kids. Lack of involvement leads to a lot of different as...

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