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The Magic Of The Monsoons

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Close your eyes. Soak in the fragrance of the red earth and pouring rain. Feast on the lushness around. Did you know that the word 'monsoon' itself is from the Arabic 'mausam' which means season? The period between June and September is when we have summer rains in India. More rain follows later, in the winter months. 

Since Mother Nature is at her most bountiful during this time, why not try growing seasonal vegetables? And learn how to store your precious spice mixes and masala properly. For, these will be vital ingredients in stirring up feel-good foods and crispy snacks. As a family, explore the country's rain-soaked beauty. But remember, this is also the time to be extra careful about health, your family's and your own.

This ClipBook will tell you all about the monsoons, how to stay healthy and more important, how to savour this most beautiful and evocative of seasons.


How The Monsoon Winds Come To India

The Indian monsoon is a powerful natural phenomenon. The country's economy, in fact, the very lives of over a billion people depends on how much rain falls and for long. How and why do these rain-bearing winds come to the subcontinent at this time...

Catch A Raindrop, Catch A Cold

What better way to enjoy the rains than to, splash in puddles with your child. Make mudpies, catch raindrops. What fun! These are beautiful moments to cherish, memories for life. But remember, your little one is also very susceptible to seasonal ...

Salute Mother Nature, Boost Your Immunity

Now that you're taking extra care of your little one's health, don't forget that you need to be careful too. Weather changes for instance can leave you prone to endless bouts of coughs, colds and the flu. Be kind to yourself, boost your health and...

What Vegetables Grow In India During The Rains?

Want to grow your very own vegetable garden? You don't need too much space -- even a little patch of land on your terrace will do. It will be your very own source of food as well as a thing of beauty. Read on to know what kind of vegetables flouri...

Tips To Store Spices During The Monsoon

Spices and spice mixes are essential ingredients in the Indian kitchen. Your mother's spice mix will be a closely guarded secret, passed down from generation to generation. But when the rains come, quite often, these spices and mixes can go stale ...

Feel-Good Snacks For This Season

When there is a chill in the air, nothing is more warming and soul-satisfying than a crispy, crunchy snack. Even better if it is a hearty and healthful one. Here are some easy snacks that you can make at home, and savour during this season.

Travel To Rain-Soaked Lands This Monsoon

There is an intangible magic when travelling during the rains. And what better way to chase the monsoons than to traverse the length and breadth of our beautiful country. Start your journey in Kerala, where the rains first make landfall, detour th...

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