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The Magic Of Bharatanatyam

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Mudras and postures, songs and steps, Bharatanatyam is a magical blend of expressions, melody and rhythm. It is an Indian classical dance from Tamil Nadu. In a culture where traditional dance occupies a very important part, Bharatanatyam is at the top of many parents’ pursuits for their child.

Dance, and Bharatanatyam, in particular, can be a great activity to achieve fitness. An article on ‘children and dance’, published in parentedge.in says, “At a physical level, dance is an excellent way to achieve and maintain fitness; very few exercise routines can boast of the same benefits with respect to coordination, strength and endurance. Poise and grace are, of course, the icing on the cake!” The article also cites persistence, discipline, culture and social skills as added learning quotients your child can have from this art form.

But not just physical improvements, Bharatanatyam can have great cognitive and psychological impacts on your child as well. “A performer needs to remember steps, names of the various steps, different moves, the beats and rhythm of the song. With all this a dancer has to pay attention if the body movements are in sync. This hones the mental skills and builds mental alertness,” says an article in India Parenting. Moreover, Bharatanatyam dancers, have been proven to possess more confidence.

This ClipBook gives you various information about the art form. From make-up tutorials to benefits of Bharatanatyam, learn everything about it through flipping through our ClipBook.

Children And Dance

Dance tops the list of pursuits that parents want for their children especially if the child is so inclined. Here's why.

Get Fit With Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is one of the main Indian classical dance forms. It is a good form of exercise. It helps in keeping the body fit and toned. The movements of this dance form helps in overall flexibility of the body. It improves stamina and is good f...

5 Reasons Why Children Should Learn Bharatanatyam

Childhood is indeed the perfect age for any kind of learning to happen. Their minds are fresh and the body teems with energy and enthusiasm. Bharatanatyam is one such dance form that can be learned from the age of four for any child, irrespective ...

Bharatanatyam Institutions

The directory of well-known institutions to learn Bharatanatyam in Tamil Nadu.

Famous Dancers And Institutes

There are innumerable fine and great dancers and institutes all over the world. Here is the link to the information of some of the past and present dancers and some famous institutions.

Learn Bharatanatyam: Sutra Adavu

The name 'Bharatanatyam' is derived from three basic concepts of Bhava, Raga and Thaala. The modern Bharatanatyam was systematically regularized by well known 'Thanjavoor Brothers', Ponnayya, Chinnayya, Sivanandam and Vativelu. The music of Bharat...

Learn Bharatanatyam: Mulumandi Jump

The modern Bharatanatyam was systematically regularized by well known 'Thanjavoor Brothers', Ponnayya, Chinnayya, Sivanandam and Vativelu. The dance is performed in the stage as Nritham, Nrithyam and Natyam.

Learn Bharatanatyam: Ananda Tandavam

Bharatanatyam is a reworked dance-form from the traditional "sadir" known for its grace, purity, tenderness, and sculpturesque poses. Today, it is one of the most popular and widely performed dance styles and is practiced by male and female dancer...

Learn Bharatanatyam: Sarukkal Adavu

The dance form is based on 'Adavu' (steps) and 'Hasthamudra' (hand gestures). There are 64 basic 'Adavu' and they are divided into 9 parts, on which 'Thattadavu', 'Naatadavu', 'Kuthithumettadavu', 'Mandiadavu', 'Sarikkal' and 'Thattumettu' are ver...

Learn Bharatanatyam Mudras

Most detailed demonstration on the uses of single hand gestures in Bharatanatyam.

Bharatanatyam Mudras

Here are the Mudras in Bharatanatyam.

How To Wear A Bharatanatyam Dance Dress

There are two commonly used styles in Bharatanatyam costumes for women: the skirt (saree) style or the pyjama style. Dancers wear costumes made of silk sarees with gold zari embroidery designs. The pleats in these costumes open beautifully when th...

How To Wear Bharatanatyam Costume: Video Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to put on Bharatanatyam costume for a dance performance.

Bharatanatyam Make-Up Tutorial In 10 Simple Steps

Dancers of this form often go with bold and colourful make-up to appear graceful on the stage as well as to do justice to this unique dance form. If you are wondering how they get the perfect makeup, you will find answers to all your queries in th...

Bharatanatyam Make-Up

Here are some makeup tips for Bharatanatyam...

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