The Importance Of The 3 Rs

Crayons - Art And Craft - Fun Activities

Do you have old broken crayons lying all over the place? Help the kids create a melted crayon picture with this fun art and craft activity that will use up all those old crayons. Watch the video below to see how it's all done! Watch the below vid...

What To Do With Crayons: 35 Uses For Crayons

What to do with crayons? Besides coloring, you can create art and crafts with crayons, or even learn or play activities with crayons.

29 Absolutely Terrible Craft Ideas

Share this on Facebook   (Connected as [Disconnect] ) Hey! This video may have privacy restrictions. Ensure that it is publicly visible to everyone. You are signed in as . And you were going to throw that out. Silly goose, you! So “Carrie Brad...

6 Best Ideas For Using Old, Waste Plastic Bottles

All of us have dozens of empty, useless lying at home. Though most of us have the time and the will to put them to some good use, most of us lack the creativity required to do so. As always, the temptation to include a few crafts ideas for kids wa...

5 Helpful Suggestions For Dealing With Your Children's Craft Crap - Twofunmoms

We parents have a common problem, and I think it’s time to address it. Our kids all go to their respective schools or preschools or daycares or grandparents’ houses, and they make crafts and pictures and dough balls and glittery-gluey-popsicle sti...

10 Best Out Of Waste Craft Ideas To Kids

Craft Ideas for kids to do some innovative work to create best things out of waste things around them and enjoy the vacation with new Ideas and kids Activity.

How To Make Crafts With Waste Material - For Kids

Planting flowers or trees with little kids is a very instructive activity, but it is always nicer when planting in a nice pot which we have painted ourselves. This idea is great for balconies, terraces and gardens as we can then boast about what l...

Halloween Costumes With Kids 21 - Mer Mag

We love it when a great costume uses clothing your child will wear again and has wow elements that are simple, affordable and easy to make (did someone say cardboard?). This little clown, baby bat and garden fairy costume do just that! Head over t...

Dragon Hobby Horse - Kids Craft Room

We had great fun this weekend making a ride on Dragon Hobby Horse for St George’s Day. We’re delighted with how well he turned out. Can you believe he’s made from an old cereal box and a plastic rubbish bag? We also made some armour and a shield f...

Pool Noodle Spiders - Fun And Quick 5min Craft For Kids

Pool noodle spider dudes - a bit of quick mid-term crafting fun. No gluing, no paint, no mess, made in less than 5 minutes type of quick craft for kids!! yeah that's quick :) This would make for a great summer craft for the backyard or at camp!

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The Importance Of The 3 Rs

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