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The Importance Of Deworming For Children


Does your child love to get dirty outdoors? Does he like playing in the grass? Well, make sure he does not make contact with worms, which are present in certain foods that grow in the soil.

If ingested, these worms make their way into the intestines and prevent your little one from absorbing vitamin A along with other nutrients.

So, what can be done? Deworming is the best way to tackle this solution. Your paediatrician will most probably prescribe deworming medicines or treatment to get rid of worms.

But, why is deworming so important? Find out by going through the pages of this ClipBook.


Importance Of Deworming Children And Babies

You would have heard the term “Deworming” either during visits to your paediatrician or through the government drive in mass deworming. It is absolutely necessary to deworm your children because they are constantly exposed to the contaminated envi...

Is Deworming Infants And Kids Necessary?

How important is deworming infants and kids? When should you start deworming your little one? Can the deworming medicine for adults be given to children too? Every parent faces these questions when the time comes to deworm their children. Go throu...

Why Deworm Through Schools?

​School-age children typically have the highest intensity of worm infection of any age group. In addition, the most cost-effective way to deliver deworming pills regularly to children is through schools because schools offer a readily available, e...

Why School-Based Deworming Is Smart Development Policy

In the complex world of education policy, some experts are of the opinion that school-based deworming may be the closest we have come to finding a "magic bullet."

10 Effective Home Remedies For Deworming Kids

Intestinal worms in children are common and can spread the infection quickly. Therefore, deworming kids as soon as you notice the symptoms is necessary. This article tells you how children get worms, how you can identify the symptoms and deworm th...

How Often Should You Deworm Children?

Worm infestations often cause serious health problems and impact a child’s ability to attend and perform well in school, and another UNICEF report says researches have shown that regular deworming can substantially increase school attendance and s...

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