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The History Of Wooden Toys

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Wooden Toy: History And Benefits

Research suggests that the earliest wooden toys date from sometime during the Stone Age (2.9 million years ago-2030 BC) in Africa and were simple models of useful implements such as clubs, axes and bows as well as dolls, intended to teach children...

Wooden Vs. Plastic

Downloadable! Toys have played an important role in childhood since early civilization.Toys are a very important aspect in children development (thinking, vocabulary, language imagination). During a single game the child develops a few skills and ...

Wooden Toys- Making A Comeback!

Primary reasons why wooden toys are resurging.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys Are All The Rage.

They may not have been painted in flashy colours or fitted with electronic gadgets that make them run, move or even fly. But these eco-friendly wooden toys used to be part and parcel of every child few decades back. With the passage of time, plast...

Reasons To Opt For Natural Wooden Toys

Wooden toys for babies and toddlers are 100% natural and contain no harmful chemicals, making ideal for conscious parents who want to avoid exposure to toxic substances.

Why Wood?

Today, the majority of toys are made all or in part from plastics. Plastic toys can be great. They come in bright colors and can be formed in all kinds of shapes. So why would you want wooden toys for your family? Here are some reasons to consider...

How Simple Toys Make Your Baby Smarter

Children instinctively solve problems with creativity. They see what happens when they put this block here. Or that piece there. And if that doesn’t work, they’ll try another way. That’s right. Those old fashioned wooden blocks and stacking toys a...

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